100% Fullblood Wagyu

We began with the end in mind, building a foundational herd with the best Wagyu breeders genetics we could find. Because life’s too short and you’ve worked too hard to waste time on unreliable traits. Take your breeding program to the next level with proven genetics and a program you can count on.

Our Program

Every thriving herd starts with strong genetics.

You’ll find that we do things a little differently around here. We’re a lot more concerned about the impression our product makes than how polished our shoes are. Our team works with certified embryologists and best-in-class geneticists to deliver well-rounded results. 

Maternal Traits

We start with only the best, and then intentionally breed for well-rounded maternal capabilities. You can expect excellent milking traits, birth rate, and weaning abilities.

Marbling Score

Our proven bloodlines yield well-balanced percentages and excellent quality marbling.


We breed a well-balanced carcass with a large frame that yields both quality and quantity of meat to help you maximize the return on your investment.


Raised in a stress-free environment to produce good nature with a balanced temperament. Most breeders also find that Fullblood Black Wagyu tend to adapt to new environments better than other breeds.



We believe you get out what you put in, which is why we started with the basics. You can expect well-rounded, expertly-bred cattle with the assurance of knowing that’s what we started with. Our foundational herd had the best genetics we could find, sired by names like Sanjirou, Hikari, Shigeshigetani, Michifuku, and Itoshigenami. As we build on those foundations by breeding the best with the best, our herd only gets better with each generation that has followed. 


We work our cattle regularly, bringing in vets, embryologists, and geneticists to guide the animal’s growth and health for the best possible outcomes. We are proud to partner with Michael Goodell Consulting, Ashby Genetics, Hawkeye Breeders, and Trans Ova Genetics to help protect and advance our clients’ investments.

Ashby Genetics

Ashby Genetics is an AETA certified embryo transfer expert who has been in the business for 35+ years. From DNA tracking to genetics management, all the way to delivery at your barn door, we are meticulous about controlling the quality of your breeding success.

Michael Goodell

Michael Goodell is an industry veteran in cattle genetics. Paring a deep knowledge of phenotype and pedigree with experience and precision, he helps ensure breeding success for Wilders and our clients. 

Hawkeye Breeders

Protecting your investment all the way from our barn door to yours is our top priority. That’s why we rely on Hawkeye Breeders for semen storage. Hawkeye has strict quality control measures as well as cutting edge storage tecnhology to preserve valuable genetics 

Trans Ova Genetics

Reproductive technologies such as IVF and embryo storage are critical to successful herd breeding. We are proud to partner with Trans Ova Genetics to preserve and advance Wilders genetics.