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We began with the end in mind when it came to our foundational herd. We know agriculture is a high-risk calling, which is why we have invested in high-value bulls to serve our clients.

Our primary breeding goal is a well-rounded animal that yields the high returns and excellent products you need to take your program forward. By cross-breeding the best we can find in maternal traits, marbling score, growth, and disposition, you can expect genetics that only get better with each generation.

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Fullblood Sires


Reg #: FB38046/USAFB38046

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BFC SANJIROU 3 40F is an extremely rare offering, directly sired by SANJIRO 3, the #1 Marbling EPD bull in the 2017 National Wagyu Sire Summary. A full brother to the original World K’s SANJIRO, he is considered superior to him in many traits. Only two of the male progeny of SANJIRO 3 tested SCD AA and Tend. Min of 6, and 40F is one of those two! His dam, MFC MS HISAKO 3-17 is sired by WORLD K’S KAGE out of HISAKO, who is 100% TAJIMA. HISAKO’S dam, WORLD K’S KANETANI was born in the Hokkaido Prefecture and has similar breeding to SUZUTANI and RIKITANI, making her potential much like theirs. Progeny from the KANETANI line are extremely scarce! BFC SANJIRO 3 40F is in a league of his own. Free of all recessive disorders and ready to add TAJIMA and marbling to your herd.


REG NO. FB84406 / DECFS3086

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Introducing the next generation of MAYURA L0010 – DOUBLE DOWN ON X. This bull was featured in the TOP 20 SELF REPLACEMENT INDEX MALES BORN IN THE USA as of March 2022. DOUBLE DOWN ON X is consistently ranked in the top 1% for marble score and marble fineness, and is maintaining above breed average EBV scores in milk and carcass weight. With bloodlines generated from ITOSHIGENAMI JNR and WORLD K’S SANJIROU, the sire of this bull (MAYURA L0010) is internationally known for outstanding carcass weight and marbling on his own. His progeny are proven to be leaders in the wagyu industry, setting records in EBVs across the world.

The dam of DOUBLE DOWN ON X adds a second dose of marbling traits to this bull’s pedigree from the TBR KIKUTNAMI 4051A (ET) line of KIKUTSURUDOI TF146. KIKUTSURUDOI was a son of the great Japanese bull, TANIFUKU DOI, a top TAJIMA sire in Japan. The sire of TANIFUKU DOI, YASUTANI DOI, is out of Japan’s most famous cow, KIKUTSURU, often referred to as “The Hyogo Cow.” KIKUTSURU is considered the most important cow in the Tajiri line. With pedigrees tracing back to some of the most influential original imports of the Wagyu breed, this bull is ready to produce revered progeny with sought-after marbling traits. The Wilders Wagyu program is excited for this first public offering of DOUBLE DOWN ON X semen as we know his genetics will be highly treasured for generations to come!


Reg #: FB57396

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A long spined and smooth sided bull who should sire phenotypically and functionally sound females, MFC YASUTANIYOSHI 1202H ET has a pedigree that one must admire! His dam is out of the MFC program and has well established herself within the wagyu breed. Her sire, TF147 ITOSHIGEFUJI, continues to prove himself as a sire that will increase carcass yield and added maternal characteristics while not taking away carcass quality. His dam, a well-known donor cow from the MFC program, is also the dam of MFC MICHIYOSHI 522C who has been in the pedigrees of several high-selling wagyu cattle at recent sales. 1202H’s dams’ mother, MFC MS SANJIROU 7-2, a stellar cow and favorite from the MFC program, combines WORLD K’S SANJIROU with a daughter of HIRASHIGETAYASU J2351.

MFC MS SANJIROU is also the dam of VT YASUTANI 1012 F09 ET, who sold for $40,000.00! 1202H’s sire, JVP YASUTANIYOSHI 408, is a second generation JVP import. His sire, JVP YASUTANISAKURA 931, who is a carrier of three well known recessive disorders, was extensively used in cross breed production upon his initial importation. Because of his triple carrier status along with a high-headed reputation, his genetics were infrequently used in full blood production. According to the AWA Herd Registry, there have only been 20 offspring of JVP YASUTANIYOSHI 408 registered, giving him a high potential of being an out-cross bull to use in many Wagyu breeding programs!


REG NO. FB57404


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MFC HIKARI 2 1218H ET has an elite phenotype! He is full-shouldered, thick-necked, deep-ribbed with lots of expansion, and big-footed. 1218H really stands out amongst other bulls in the pasture. His dam from the MFC program has some of the “who’s who” within the wagyu breed nestled in her pedigree. Her sire, TF148 ITOSHIGENAMI, continues to establish himself as a sire that will increase IMF without limiting growth. The popularity in the ITOSHIGENAMI line lives on in many sons and grandsons of TF148, including the most popular MAYURA ITOSHIGENAMI JNR.

1218H’s dam’s mother combines MFC YASUFUKU JR 7-12, a son of WORLD K’S YASUFUKU JR, a bull known to add fine IMF, and MFC MS ITOZURU DOI 8-1, a daughter of TF151 ITOZURU DOI himself, who is known to add growth and excellent carcass quality! 1218H’s sire, HIKARI 2, a WORLD K’S MICHIFUKU son out of a WORLD K’S OKAHANA dam, combines some of the best of WORLD K’S genetic!. There are very few of OKAHANA’S progeny registered within AWA herd books. HIKARI 2 himself currently only has 24 offspring registered within the AWA herd book. HIKARI 2’s full sister, MFC MS KATO 448B, was one of the top selling females in 2017 at the MFC dispersion sale. HIKARI 2’s and MS KATO’s full sibling was mistakenly castrated over 25 years ago and then finished out and harvested. The resulting superior carcass graded A5!

Fullblood Donors


Reg #: FB58963/VTFR0130

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This F154 daughter descends from the FUJIYOSHI bloodlines of KITAGUNI on her dam side. On the sire side, H130 is an excellent well-rounded animal due to her long line of exceptional genetics. She is expected to yield high growth rates and carcass rates. She was chosen as a top donor dam due to her larger frame size and top-notch maternal traits. She has a remarkable phenotype in the field, and her offspring are sure to produce great dams and sires for any future herd. 


REG NO. FB58067 / SMOFP0526


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A great testament to the SUMO CATTLE CO program out of Australia, P526 is stacked with multiple proven pedigrees out of the F154 and D066 lines. Her dam, SUMO CATTLE CO NAMI D066, has the powerful foundational sire, TF ITOSHIGENAMI 148, on both her top and bottom sides, adding the high Tajima throughout P526’s pedigree when coupled with F154. SUMO CATTLE CO FUKU P526 sold for $105,000 AUD as lot one in the 2020 Elite Wagyu Sale, while her embryos recently sold for as much as $5,000 a piece.


Reg #: FB85654 / DECFS0078

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DR DOUBLE WHIP L10 78J truly takes after her sire, MAYURA L0010, in many categories. She ranks in the top 1% for marbling and also ranks in the Top 10 Self Replacing Index Females Born in the USA! DR DOUBLE WHIP has a great temperament and disposition that allows her to be an easy-going heifer in the WILD herd. Her dam, DR SHIGYASU 031G, is a high Tajima cow coming out of the WORLD K’S MICHIFUKU and WORLD K’S SHIGESHIGETANI lines. With a stacked proven pedigree out of the world’s most well-known sires, DR DOUBLE WHIP 78J is sure to provide endless value.


REG #: FB85657 / DECFS085


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DR HACI GO NO387 085J is Wilders’ top performing Notorious daughter! She checks all the boxes on and off the charts. Her high marbling, medium frame size, and top percentile EBV indexes make her the perfect candidate for the Wilders Wagyu program. In the pasture, DR HACHI GO NO387 stands out amongst her paternal sisters with her noticeable phenotype. This heifer’s dam, TBR TOMIKO 4 1 2 6243D, adds an extra layer of marbling and tenderness from her sire, TBR SHIGENAMINAMI 3024Z, getting her to an SCD-AA. The combination of MAYURA NOTORIOUS with this TBR TOMIKO dam pushes DR HACI GO NO387 085J to the top.


Reg #: FB73110 / WFSFS03

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Coming from the rare and balanced breeding of Hisako, WILD MS ITOSHIGENAMI 3J takes after her mother as a superb female on paper and in the pasture. When HISAKO combines with the great TF148 ITOSHIGENAMI, only the highest quality genetics are brought to the table. Similar to HISAKO, TF148’s progeny are consistently breaking selling records around the world. WILD MS ITOSHIGENAMI 3J carries exceptional marbling genetics from both of her parents and continues to show huge growth potential as well. She can easily be spotted amongst her peer group due to her HISAKO phenotype. Wilders Wagyu is incredibly proud of this heifer and we feel that she is a great testament to our growing program.